Designing Successful Extended Enterprise Training Experience

It’s time to think beyond employee training if you are to drive true business success. Expanding your training horizons to train your extended enterprise ecosystem – customers, partners, suppliers, distributors, resellers, and franchisees – is a key to increasing revenue, minimizing costs, and building brand value.

The benefits of training extended enterprise are many. 68% of organizations say extended enterprise training increases brand awareness, 45% say it improves product adoption, 41% say it increases sales, and another 41% say it maximizes client retention (Brandon Hall Group).

But how do you create effective extended enterprise training experience? Watch Harbinger + Adobe joint webinar ‘Designing Successful Extended Enterprise Training Experience’ to explore everything about extended enterprise training experience design – from idea conception to ROI measurement. Unveil the secret sauce for crafting the best extended enterprise training design strategy.

Our interactive session was hosted by Arun Bhat, Senior Director, Harbinger Group, and featured expert panelists Rick Smith, Senior Director – Global Product Training, JLG Industries and Aditya Basu, Group Manager – Solution Partner Program, Adobe.

Key Takeaways

  • Designing extended enterprise training program for scalable and dynamic experience
  • Why it is important to think of extended enterprise training beyond training content
  • Technologies to design, manage, and deliver extended enterprise training
  • Case study of effectively designed extended enterprise training system using Adobe Learning Manager