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Prashant Khambekar, SVP, Harbinger Systems got his new paper published in the journal “Sustainability”

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Paper by Harbinger’s Prashant Khambekar Published in Journal Sustainability 

The demand for taking control of their own health conditions is increasing amongst patients. Hospitals are thinking about building agility by collaborating with patients and partner ecosystems and sharing relevant patient data to support care continuity. 

The paper ‘Using Visualization to Build Transparency in a Healthcare Blockchain Application’ authored by Prashant Khambekar, SVP, Harbinger Group, among other authors, is published in the international journal ‘Sustainability’ by MDPI. 

It proposes a methodology that uses blockchain architecture to address the technical challenges of linking disparate systems used by external stakeholders outside a hospital network. It also addresses the social challenge of generating trust by using visualization. The aim is to bring about transparency in the way patient data is shared. 

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