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Harbinger Wins Brandon Hall Group’s Best Advance in Performance Management Technology Award 2021

News Provided by Harbinger Group Posted on December 17, 2021

Harbinger Group wraps up an eventful year 2021 with another prestigious recognition from the Brandon Hall Group. The company won a Silver for Best Advance in Performance Management Technology.

Redmond, WA: Harbinger Group, a global company providing software technology services to independent software vendors and enterprises, won a coveted Brandon Hall Group silver award for excellence in ‘Best Advance in Performance Management Technology’ category. Harbinger’s win was announced on December 9, 2021. The winners are listed at

This recognition establishes Harbinger’s excellence in the HR technology space. Harbinger’s prize-winning entry featured its innovative performance management platform that drives organizations to invest in the development of their employees by prioritizing purpose at work and leveraging individual and collective strengths. The platform is a holistic people optimization system that defines, calibrates, and tracks day-to-day work beyond ‘productivity’ and ‘performance’. It focuses on enhancing human experiences at work. Harbinger won this award jointly with TargetCWGlobal.

“Traditional performance management strategies are proving to be inadequate to serve the needs of the current workforce. It was in response to this business need that this innovative, technology-powered solution was created. This solution helps companies go beyond the conventional performance management approaches, with a focus on understanding how an employee is experiencing an organization”, said Ms. Janhavi Padture, Vice President, HR Technology, Harbinger Group.

“I am delighted to see this recognition for our innovative efforts in bringing a technology driven solution that is human-centric and carefully designed around evolving performance management strategies. It is truly heartening to see organizations turn to technology not only for efficiency and productivity gains but also to foster enhanced experience that is founded on purpose-driven work”, said Bharti Satpute, Associate Vice President – Projects at Harbinger Group.

“Technology has never been more critical for success in human capital management than it is today. We were thrilled to see many new innovations in all areas, but especially related to the future of work,” said Brandon Hall Group Chief Operating Officer and awards program head Rachel Cooke. “Thanks to the many innovations from our Excellence in Technology winners, organizations have many compelling options as they make important decisions on how to leverage technology to drive their people strategies.”

“HCM solution providers must be experts and visionaries in technology, but they also must have the ability to anticipate the diverse needs of employers as they work to adapt to ongoing change,” Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke said. “This requires a blend of curiosity, empathy and agility that is difficult to achieve. We have seen an extraordinary level of insight and creativity from our Excellence in Technology winners that has been exciting to see.”

A panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, and Brandon Hall Group senior analysts and executives evaluated the entries based upon the following criteria:

Product: What was the product’s breakthrough innovation?
Unique differentiators: What makes the product unique and how does it differ from any competing products?
Value proposition: What problem does the product solve and/or what need does this product address?
Measurable results: What are the benefits customers can expect to experience as a result of using this product?

About Brandon Hall Group

Brandon Hall Group operates the largest and longest running awards program in Human Capital Management. As an independent HCM research and analyst firm they conduct studies in Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Talent Acquisition and HR/Workforce Management. These benchmark studies help organizations by providing strategic insights for executives and practitioners responsible for growth and business results.

Coupling the research studies with the best practice from the awards, Brandon Hall Group has helped more than 10,000 clients globally and more than 28 years of delivering worldclass research and advisory. At the core of our offerings is a membership program that combines research, benchmarking and unlimited access to data and analysts. Membership enables executives and practitioners to make the right decisions about people, processes, and systems, coalesced with analyst advisory services which aim to put the research into action in a way that is practical and efficient.

Brandon Hall Group has also launched professional certifications for business and human capital management professionals to upskill themselves and gain credentials for career advancement (

About Harbinger

Harbinger Group is a global company providing software technology services for independent software vendors and enterprises, specializing in product engineering. Since 1990, Harbinger has developed a strong customer base worldwide. Harbinger’s customers are software product companies, including Hi-tech start-ups in Silicon Valley, leading product companies in the US, and large in-house IT organizations. Harbinger Group builds software solutions leveraging digital technologies for HRTech, WorkTech, HealthTech, and EdTech. The company’s patented technology and sound thought leadership has resulted in revolutionary products, including the market-leading Raptivity® – an interactivity builder that helps the user build e-learning interactions, Exaltive – an interactive Video Platform, Offline Player, Skimthru – an AI-powered video navigator using word clouds, SprinkleZone – a nudge-learning platform, and Quillionz – an AI-powered automatic question generator. For more information about Harbinger Group, visit

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