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Harbinger is now a proud member of HR Open Standards Consortium

News Provided by Harbinger Group Posted on January 16, 2018

Harbinger Group, a global enterprise providing software technology services, is now a member of HR Open Standards Consortium, a not-for-profit organization, aimed at simplifying data exchanges related to HR functions.

PUNE, INDIA; REDMOND, WA, January 16, 2018

HR Open Standards Consortium, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1999, has been dedicated to developing specifications that facilitate data exchanges pertaining to human resources. It consists of about 10,000 members globally, ranging from HR practitioners to various vendor companies. HR Open Standards Consortium is the certifying organization for HR-JSON and HR-XML standards. In terms of JSON specifications, HR Open covers aspects such as data protection, assessment, screening, recruiting, wellness, and employee benefits among others.

Harbinger Group, HR Tech builder of choice for many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the US and globally, recently became a member of HR Open Standards Consortium. Over the last two decades, Harbinger has collaborated with a lot of HR Tech enterprises to develop products that adhere to the latest of HR standards and can be used in functions such as Recruitment, Benefits Administration, Case Management, Time-off Management, Employee Engagement, and Payroll. Technology expertise coupled with years of domain experience is why Harbinger is the preferred partner when it comes to building HR Tech products.

As a member of HR Open Standards, Harbinger Group aims to stay updated of the latest standards and also contribute in the development and upkeep. The team at Harbinger Group comprises of technology experts, subject matter experts and HR Tech experts that can provide valuable inputs in the development of HR open standards. Harbinger Group aims to aid the efforts of HR Open Standards in the continual development of global standards directed towards cost effectiveness, easy implementation and seamless integration of HR systems.

About Harbinger Group

Harbinger Group is a global company providing software technology services for independent software vendors and enterprises, with a specialization in product engineering. Since 1990, Harbinger has developed a strong customer base worldwide. Harbinger Group builds software solutions leveraging social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) technologies and IoT (Internet of Things) for domains such as human capital management (HCM), healthcare, eLearning, and publishing. International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) ranks Harbinger Group in The Global Outsourcing 100 listing consecutively for last five years. Recently, Harbinger is recognized in 2015 Global R&D Service Providers Rating – Product Engineering Services, by leading management consulting firm Zinnov. Harbinger Group is a leading global provider of innovative software products and services to companies in over 60 countries. For more information about Harbinger Group, visit

About HR Open Standards

The HR Open Standards Consortium is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of a standard set of HR-XML and HR-JSON specifications aimed at simplifying data exchanges related to HR functions. More information can be found on their website

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