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Harbinger Group Secures India Patent for Innovative AI-Enabled Learning Solution

News Provided by Harbinger Group Posted on April 1, 2024

Revolutionizing Learning with Groundbreaking AI Technology

Redmond, WA – Harbinger Group, a global leader in learning technology and solutions, is thrilled to announce that it has been granted a patent by the Indian Patent Office for its groundbreaking invention titled ‘System and Method for Intelligently Generating Data for Learning Interactions from Textual Content Based on Learning Goals.’ This patent underscores Harbinger’s commitment to pioneering advancements in AI-driven learning solutions.

The patent was filed in September 2017. Dr. Vikas Joshi, Poonam Jaypuriya, and Shweta Kulkarni guided this innovation. The patented invention addresses a critical need in education and training by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to intelligently extract and generate various types of learning interactions from textual content. By aligning these interactions with specific learning goals, Harbinger’s solution revolutionizes the way learners engage with content, resulting in more personalized and effective learning experiences.

“At Harbinger, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of learning technology,” said Poonam Jaypuriya, Vice President – eLearning at Harbinger Group. “Receiving this patent is a testament to our team’s innovative spirit and hard work. We believe that our AI-enabled learning solution has the potential to transform education and training across various industries.”

Key features of Harbinger’s patent include:

  • Advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms for extracting key concepts and learning objectives from textual content.
  • Machine Learning techniques to tailor learning interactions based on individual learner preferences and goals.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems, such as Learning Management Systems and authoring tools, for easy deployment and scalability.

Umesh Kanade, Vice President – Capability Development, Harbinger Group, said, “This patent distinguishes Harbinger in the space of AI-based product feature engineering. The patent goes beyond quiz generation into the application of AI to intelligently define the right learning interactions. This innovation underlines the company’s leading edge in harnessing the latest AI technology advancements, further strengthening its position in AI-infused product development.”

“We are immensely proud of this accomplishment and extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Vikas Joshi, Shweta Kulkarni, Umesh Kanade, Dipti Ketkar, and our legal advisory team. Their unwavering commitment and collaborative efforts have been instrumental in this success,” added Poonam.

This milestone further solidifies Harbinger’s position as a thought leader in the learning technology space, building on its track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to unlock the full potential of their workforce. Harbinger remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in AI-enabled learning solutions.

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