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Harbinger Group Revolutionizes Continuous Performance Management (CPM) with Polestar CPM

News Provided by Harbinger Group Posted on December 27, 2023

Harbinger Group, a leading innovator in Human Resources solutions, is proud to introduce Polestar CPM, a cutting-edge continuous performance, feedback, and engagement platform designed to enhance team trust, empowerment, and productivity.

Polestar CPM uses behavioral performance management methodology that emphasizes continuous communication between managers and directs for feedback and coaching. The platform’s unique scoring engine helps in performance ranking. The HR also gets automated performance and potential evaluation on a 3×3 plotting chart based on the 9-boxes model.

Key features:

1. Goal Alignment and Continuous Evaluation

Organizations can set default goals as well as custom goals for any role. All goals are assigned a customizable weightage. Goals are discussed and rated during one-on-one (O3) meetings to facilitate alignment and improve productivity.

2. Enhanced Transparency

The feedback a manager gives to their direct is visible to the employee, ensuring complete transparency. One of the hallmarks of Polestar CPM is the clear two-way communication between the manager and the direct, that is easy to repeat.

3. Intelligent Nudges

To help with better O3s with the directs, Polestar CPM offers intelligent nudges to managers, such as nudging to enter feedback that has not been given for a while, reminders to conduct pending O3s, nudges to Skip Managers if concerns are not closed, etc.

4. A 9-Box Matrix for Succession Planning

Polestar CPM provides an attractive and dynamic 9-box grid that shows employee performance and potential in various combinations. This is available at the company level, unit, and function level. Data from this is used effectively for succession planning and other HR interventions.

5. Extensible Reports and Insights for Management and HR

Polestar CPM provides the CEO, manager, and HR with real-time layered reports and dashboards – without any dependency on anyone for the details. These reports provide insights on the quality of O3 discussions, O3 penetration at various levels, and other insights to determine promotion cases, judge the engagement of various groups in the organization, etc. Organizations use such details to demonstrate cost-saving and proactive people retention measures.

6. Feedback for Managers

Polestar CPM allows directs to give feedback to their managers and rate managers after every O3. Data is available every quarter for the managers to see how they are doing in various areas and can compare the data with others in their grade.

7. Flexible Deployment

Polestar CPM is developed using the latest front-end and back-end technology and is hosted on the cloud. The platform can work in a standalone mode (where employee data can be uploaded using .CSV files). It can also be easily connected to a human resource system using APIs that help ensure a seamless data exchange. The utilities, functions, and reports of Polestar CPM are easily configurable to suit any business structure and needs.

“Polestar CPM significantly reduces the time spent on data management, presenting employee performance data with clear reports. This allows HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives and talent development. Most importantly, it creates a sense of trust, transparency, and a thrust on data-driven people decisions,” says Neville Postwalla, VP – Talent Management, at Harbinger Group.

Adds Umesh Kanade, VP – Capability Development, “Polestar CPM enables alignment with the organization’s business goals on the floor and builds accountability at every level. This is especially advantageous for the Capability Development function and L&D teams to foster regular feedback and continuous coaching.”

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