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Harbinger and Workato Announce Partnership to Accelerate Workflow Automation

News Provided by Harbinger Group Posted on November 1, 2021

Redmond, WA: November 1, 2021: Harbinger Group, a global company providing software technology services to independent software vendors and enterprises, today announced that it has partnered with Workato, a leading intelligent integration and automation platform. This collaboration will help enterprise and software product companies fast track integration and automate complex HR and business workflows. For the HRTech domain, the partnership will facilitate rapid connect with over 60+ HCM platforms and help speed up customer acquisition with embedded integrations.

Workato offers enterprise integration platform to automate tasks across on-premises, cloud applications and databases with no coding. This is achieved through Workato’s low-code, no-code approach, as well as pre-built connectors for 1000+ SaaS, ERP, and more applications and platforms. With its extensive experience, technical capabilities and deep-rooted HRTech domain expertise, Harbinger together with Workato’s quick-to-use and versatile connectors, has succeeded in making data across disparate applications interoperable for a great number of customers, thus impacting significant business outcomes.

Seema Chaudhary, Head of Global Alliances for Harbinger said, “At Harbinger, enhancing customer value matters to us greatly. Our customers’ go-to market strategy very often depends on quick development of multiple integrations and workflow automation. By partnering with a market leader like Workato, we can strengthen Harbinger’s offering by leveraging ready connectors, thus accelerating our customers’ product roadmap and their go-to market strategy.”

“Harbinger’s two decades of experience and market leadership in working with HR Tech software vendors will be a catalyst in growing Workato’s embedded platform adoption. This strategic partnership will impact the HR Tech landscape by driving enterprise automation at scale for joint customers. Workato’s reduced time-to-market, extensibility, and integration-led approach are a game changer for global organizations, and we are excited to partner with Harbinger to advance these values. ” said Markus Zirn, SVP of Strategy & Business Development at Workato.

About Harbinger

Harbinger Group is a global company providing software technology services for independent software vendors and enterprises, specializing in product engineering. Since 1990, Harbinger has developed a strong customer base worldwide. Harbinger’s customers are software product companies, including Hi-tech start-ups in Silicon Valley, leading product companies in the US, and large in-house IT organizations. Harbinger Group builds software solutions leveraging digital technologies for HRTech, WorkTech, HealthTech, and EdTech. The company’s patented technology and sound thought leadership has resulted in revolutionary products, including the market-leading Raptivity® – an interactivity builder that helps the user build e-learning interactions, Exaltive – an interactive Video Platform, Offline Player, Skimthru – an AI-powered video navigator using word clouds, SprinkleZone – a nudge-learning platform, and Quillionz – an AI-powered automatic question generator.

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