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Harbinger and Skillsoft tie up to advance Next Gen Learning and Development

News Provided by Harbinger Group Posted on October 21, 2014

~ The association aims to scale more access to world-class content and enhance learning experiences anywhere in the world~

Redmond, USA, November 26, 2019: Harbinger Group, a global technology service company has entered into a service partnership with Skillsoft, a global leader in corporate learning. Harbinger Group will provide implementation, change management, consulting, and learning services to the customers of Skillsoft’s intelligent learning experience platform, Percipio.

Under this partnership, Skillsoft’s customers will be able to leverage the maximum potential of Percipio and experience the benefits of continual and evolving learning. Harbinger will help Skillsoft customers to integrate Percipio with the internal systems where customers can then seamlessly access their own learning content, along with Skillsoft’s large content libraries. Percipio delivers an immersive learning experience and highly engaging content, curated into more than 700 learning paths (channels) that are continuously updated to ensure customers always have access to new content.

“Skillsoft has built an incredible technology platform that can deliver personalized learning outcomes in a way that is truly scalable across all education markets. We are excited to partner with Skillsoft, bringing unrivalled acceleration to our growth story,” said Shrikant Pattathil, President of Harbinger Group.

“Skills are the digital currency of the fourth industrial revolution,” said Apratim Purakayastha, CTO, Skillsoft. “As Skillsoft helps to develop the skills of millions of learners and enhance their careers, this collaboration with Harbinger Group allows us to extend Percipio’s impact. Together, we can enable lifelong learning across a larger scale of customers who will now have access to our world-class content and learning experience anywhere in the world.”

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