“Happy employees are engaged employees”. At Harbinger we try to create an environment of learning, growth and engagement for all Harbingers (yes – that’s what we’re called).

Our vision of “Transforming Lives at every workplace” is the mantra that we follow as our guiding factor. We’ve been recognized as a safe place to work in a survey conducted by Rainmaker, apart from numerous other awards that we have under our belt.

We work with the best productivity tools available, that give our team a high-quality Work-Tech experience. We learn using a variety of ways – whether its access to 4000+ high definition world-class videos, micro-learning nuggets (with our own app SprinkleZone), or PEP (Professional Excellence Program), which creates better people managers. Additionally, the Harbinger Academy ensures that our technical skills are sharpened to the very best with programs like {pro}Coder, Architect school and more.

Our very own chatbot (Pritella) assists our team members in getting information about their work queries and needs, as well as helps in basic transactions. SAP SuccessFactors forms the base for our HR Operations, as well as a vibrant and interactive communication platform which is also packed with data analytics which throws up trends and insights – helping us take informed decisions.

Here’s something interesting: Harbinger doesn’t do half-yearly or annual performance reviews! Yes seriously. We have our revolutionary app called “Polestar”, that ensures that dialog between the Manager and Direct happens frequently, which facilitates continuous discussions on performance, goals, career path, learning and others. Isn’t this what other companies track once or twice a year? We do it in the flow of work, so we don’t need to review performance on a biannual or annual basis. Cool isn’t it?

People can get recognized and appreciated in many small and big ways and earn points that can be redeemed for 4000+ vouchers and experiences. Our Harbinger Healthy Mind and Body (H2MB) initiative has activities like Zumba, health sessions, healthy eating, sleep analysis, professional counselling using the YourDost Platform etc. that keep people physically and mentally fit.

Work from home is a regular feature and we have ensured to remain well connected and engaged by various initiatives like VItaMIN (Virtual Mingling), Virtual Interactive Round Table sessions, Happy hours, hobby circles and much more.

And finally, we make sure that we’re doing our bit for society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs make sure that we give back to the less privileged in equal measure.

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