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Facilities and Administration, Finance, IT infrastructure, Legal and Talent Management are all different departments – but have one thing in common, they are the backbone of Harbinger, and function as business partners and not as stand-alone functions. They work in tandem to ensure that all businesses and functions run smoothly, and are able to achieve their goals.

Whether it’s making sure that we have a great working environment and infrastructure, or whether ensuring that our employees and customer’s data is safe and secure, or making sure that our vendors and partners get paid in a timely manner, or whether our employees are picked up and dropped home safely, our guests have a pleasant experience, or having healthy and tasty food served in our cafeteria’s, HTVOne is at the centre of it all.


Administration is about that invisible function which makes everything work – security, infrastructure, food, transport and the mega events like Annual Awards and Diwali party.
Talent Management (usually known as HR) is about people. Right from attracting and hiring great professionals, we are proud to be responsible for the community of trust that is Harbinger.
Network and Systems team manages our lifeline – the Internet connectivity, Intranet and all the hardware and software we use at work.
The Finance team is responsible for efficient management of financial systems and implementation and monitoring of related internal controls. The accounting team carries out proficient maintenance of company accounts as well as the payroll.
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