Advancing Student Admissions Management Platform with UI/UX Modernization

The Current Scenario

Providing a seamless user experience (UX) is indispensable in today’s highly digitized education sector. To achieve this goal, institutions need to advance their enrolment procedures and admissions management system by modernizing user interface (UI) and UX designs. However, these advancements require overcoming a few critical challenges.

  • Lack of skilled UI and UX professionals
  • Inefficient visual appeal and design thinking principles
  • Absence of mobile-responsiveness
  • Difficulty in retaining existing functionality
  • Limited flexibility in navigating the UI

Kickstart UI and UX Modernization with Harbinger

A leading education technology and business solutions provider was facing similar challenges and wanted to overcome them by providing an appealing and engaging payment experience to their users. They turned to Harbinger as a trusted partner for redesigning their payment platform for online enrolment and admissions management.

Harbinger came up with a UI and UX modernization solution and designed the frontend of our client’s payment platform to transform its visual appeal and streamline enrolment and admissions management for their users.

We applied a unique, innovative, and user-centric approach to help our client improve the UI and UX of their payment platform. Our approach involved successfully retaining existing functionality without changing the backend business logic.

What was the Impact?

The UI and UX modernization solution helped our client implement modern design thinking principles and best practices for usability. They were able to make their student admissions management platform mobile-responsive and accessible across smaller screens.

Leveraging our dynamic UI and UX modernization approach enabled our client to make their payment process engaging and ensure seamless navigation through the payment platform. They saw substantial improvements in their enrolment and admissions management process.

  • Improved and user-friendly payment experience
  • Uninterrupted payments on various devices
  • Reduced user queries and support requests
  • Enhanced user satisfaction and engagement
  • Faster online enrolment and admissions management

UI and UX modernization can significantly enhance efficiency, accessibility, and engagement in the enrolment and admissions management process. It can not only boost user satisfaction but also reduce the chances of errors and drop-offs, ultimately increasing enrolment rates.

Discover how Harbinger helped a leading education technology and business solutions provider modernize and improve the UI and UX of their student admissions management platform.

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