Development of Cloud-Based Employee Engagement Platform by Rearchitecting Legacy Applications

The Current Scenario

Many organizations have started using a cloud-based employee engagement platform to centralize communication, reduce employee turnover, and leverage data-driven insights to personalize employee experiences. Why? Because traditional employee engagement platforms are unable to keep up with the evolving employee needs and demands of modern workplaces. They are prone to technical constraints and pose various challenges that limit business growth.

  • Absence of customization options
  • Inconsistency across various applications
  • Frequent system downtime and lack of scalability
  • High cost associated with platform maintenance
  • Poor integration with other essential systems
  • Insufficient support for remote teams

Harness the Power of Cloud-Based Employee Engagement Platform

A US-based employee engagement product company faced similar hiccups and wanted to overcome them by rearchitecting their employee engagement platform. They approached Harbinger as a trusted HRTech partner to migrate all their products and applications to the cloud.

Harbinger helped the client migrate their employee engagement platform to the Azure cloud. Our team created a cloud-based employee engagement platform to improve scalability and availability, reduce hosting costs, and streamline administration processes.

The team reengineered multiple legacy applications to build a cloud-based employee engagement platform for our client. They modernized the system architecture to reduce maintenance and downtime costs and maximize operational impact.

What was the Impact?

The cloud-based employee engagement platform enabled our client to minimize redundancies across various applications and services. Rearchitecting legacy applications helped the platform optimize response times, improve performance, and simplify administration.

By utilizing the capabilities of the newly developed cloud-based employee engagement platform, our client was able to futureproof their HRTech tools. This solution enhanced their product functionalities and ensured smoother, timely, and scalable operations.

Our client witnessed several benefits, such as:

  • Increased operational efficiency and minimized downtime
  • Enhanced business productivity and long-term product success
  • Faster response times and better performance benchmarking
  • More efficient product ecosystem with futureproofing of the product
  • Improved product agility, reliability, and scalability

A cloud-based employee engagement platform can transform your HR software product ecosystem like never before. It can provide your clients with a comprehensive solution to maximize the impact of their employee engagement initiatives. It can enhance employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity while offering actionable insights to meet strategic business goals.

Learn how Harbinger developed a cloud-based employee engagement platform by reengineering multiple legacy applications.

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