eLearning Courseware Editor and Player

About The Client

The revamped eLearning platform supported cutting-edge content authoring and publishing needs, styles and standards, which improved overall efficiency and boosted sales of the company.

Business Requirement

A leading publishing company that provides technology and integrated information solutions for accounting, tax and corporate finance professionals is looking to upgrade legacy eLearning platform for continued professional education (CPE).

How Harbinger Helped?

Enhanced the existing courseware editor to support new layouts/templates and built reusable UI components for audio, video and HTML/Flash-based interactivities. Provided ability to generate content compliance wrappers for AICC, SCROM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. Extended the authoring process and source data files to support multiple languages. Designed and developed AICC and SCORM compliant courseware player and a new content server. Integrated Harbinger Offline Player to support offline capability. Used web services, single sign-on and RMI based APIs to ensure seamless integration.

Project Challenges

Upgrade existing courseware editor to support rich and interactive content, AICC and SCORM compliance and multiple languages. Upgrade existing courseware player to support new content and content distribution mechanism. Provide ability to use courseware in offline mode. Ensure seamless integration with other in-house systems.

Tools And Technologies

  • XML, JavaScript, HTML , CSS Omni-mark 5.0
  • MKS Toolkit 6.1
  • XMetal Author Enterprise 5.5 J2EE
  • RMI, Web Services
  • Microsoft VS Team System 2008 Team Suite (VSTS) , Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Business Benefits

Ability to author and publish content that has significantly better user experience and richness through interactivities, video and audio as well as support for multiple languages. A better content distribution mechanism and a new AICC and SCORM compliant content player with ability to take the learning offline. Improved and simplified authoring, publishing and delivery process that is integrated well with other in-house systems.



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