Drug Cessation with Custom LXP and Netflix-Like Learning Program Development 

The Current Scenario 

Learning program development involves meticulous instructional and visual design tailored to learner preferences. It requires a thorough analysis of learners’ needs and learning styles for effective curriculum design and content delivery. The process becomes more complex when it comes to building a custom Learning Experience Platform (LXP) by integrating modern technologies.  

Organizations may find it difficult to align their technology requirements with desired business goals. They experience various challenges while navigating their LXP and learning program development journey: 

  • Absence of essential resources for learning program development 
  • Ineffective utilization of data analytics to make critical iterations 
  • Difficulty in integrating new technologies into learning platforms 
  • Inability to customize learning experiences for diverse learner needs 
  • No standardized process for education content creation 
  • Ineffective learning program deployment and delivery methods 

Accelerate LXP and Learning Program Development with Harbinger 

A large non-profit organization that transforms lives impacted by addiction and substance use turned to Harbinger to overcome similar challenges. Their idea was to meet the following business objectives: 

  • Advance their drug treatment and recovery approach by building sophisticated web and mobile apps.  
  • Design an engaging learning experience based on a 5-stage recovery program.  

Harbinger enabled the client to develop a mini LXP with a dedicated web and mobile app to transform their drug treatment and recovery approach. Our team created a PHP-based responsive web platform and a hybrid app for Android and iOS to cater to the end users of the client.  

Harbinger helped the client with Netflix-like learning program development for nicotine reduction and cessation in teenagers aged 13-18. Our team established the AWS Lightsail environment to cater to the requirements of user interface quality, customization, performance, configuration, maturity, and durability of the solution. 

What was the Impact? 

Harbinger’s mini LXP and Netflix-like learning program development solution helped the client convert their content into smaller online education modules. We also enabled the client to present these modules as a series representing a single SCO SCORM 1.2 package.  

With successful mini LXP and Netflix-like learning program development, the client was able to generate detailed reports and analytics to identify the training impact. They were also able to extend their admin capabilities to track users’ success plans, personalize them, and manage courses efficiently. 

The client observed various significant advantages like: 

  • Easy access to drug treatment and recovery for learners 
  • Improved learner participation, interaction, and experience 
  • Better and real-time visibility into learners’ progress 
  • Minimized dropouts and enhanced learner engagement 
  • Increased learner motivation and broader audience reach 
  • Self-evaluation and comparison of performance among learners 

A custom LXP and learning program development approach can help organizations centralize education resources, build scalable EdTech products, and provide targeted skilling recommendations. It can address the skills gap and adapt to industry trends and evolving learning preferences. 

Discover how Harbinger streamlined custom LXP and Netflix-like learning program development for a large non-profit organization. 

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