Empower Your Workforce with Performance Management System

The Current Scenario

In a quest for innovation, a U.S. based enterprise set out to revolutionize their people management software. With a strong focus on empowering managers to deliver personalized coaching, they sought to modernize their platform for enhanced functionalities and a captivating user interface.

Embracing the serverless approach, Harbinger embarked on reconstructing the monolithic web application into a cutting-edge architecture stack. The challenges didn’t end there. Integration hurdles between performance management and HR systems demanded a strategic solution.

Harbinger met the challenge head-on, revamping the UI/UX to captivate users, while ensuring scalability, maintainability, and testability.

Experience a Paradigm Shift in People Management

As a product development partner, Harbinger rendered engineering expertise to help with product modernization. We rebuilt people management software using React UI framework and Node JS and the architecture was made modular and service oriented.

Three modules were added to the app: learning, content, and administration. With this, several features were enhanced such as registration and login process, coaching, goal setting, and the feedback process, in line with the company’s aim of creating leaders.

The solution focused not only on the development of the app but its complete enhancement including the coding guidelines, architecture, the function flow, and its design. These enhancements bolstered the functionality and capabilities of the app.

Harbinger, as a trusted product development partner, brought their engineering expertise to the table, leading the charge in modernizing the customer’s product. They revamped the system with technologies like React UI framework and Node JS, introducing a modular and service-oriented architecture that laid the foundation for future growth.

By adding three crucial modules—learning, content, and administration—the app underwent a transformation. Streamlined registration and login processes, advanced coaching capabilities, goal setting, and an improved feedback system were among the many enhancements made to foster leadership development.

Our solution went beyond mere development, encompassing a holistic approach that optimized coding guidelines, architecture, function flow, and design. These comprehensive enhancements supercharged the app’s functionality and unleashed its full potential.

What was the Impact?

We crafted an extraordinary platform and redefined the realm of performance management systems. Through cutting-edge automation of data transfer, the solution unlocked the power of data-driven predictive analysis, revolutionizing decision-making processes.

The onboarding process was supercharged, slashing the time required to a mere 10 minutes. By streamlining user imports, the cumbersome 1.5 to 2 hours of onboarding for new companies was drastically reduced.

The result? A game-changing people management software that proved invaluable in nurturing and developing top talent, empowering organizations to unleash their full potential and achieve remarkable success.

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