Author: Poonam Jaypuriya

Posted On Jul 19, 2019   |   4 Mins Read

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘micro-learning’? More than 90% people would respond, “videos”. Over a period, videos have become synonymous with micro-learning. Interesting videos with the right story-line, engaging graphics, and optimal speed, can be a great micro-learning aid. Even though videos come with a lot of benefits, they are really hard to maintain or update in-line with changing content. In that case, is there a different approach we can look at for developing micro-learning?

Personally, I learn really well through Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Short questions and precise answers can make learning really effective. Owing to rapid technology advancement, we can now create chatbots to consume nuggets of information in question and answer format. A learner can ask a question and get a quick short answer at the point-of-need. It not only acts as a short learning nugget, but also an interesting way to engage learners. Not only can these bots answer queries, but also log analytics of the questions being asked and questions which remain answered. Bots can also be updated easily for frequently changing content and changes can be displayed to learners immediately. These bots can be created using a variety of technologies such as Microsoft Q&A maker, Google Dialogflow, and Amazon Lex.

Have you tried creating micro-learning using chatbots? How has your experience been?

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