Author: Saru Sawaikar

Posted On Feb 07, 2014   |   2 Mins Read

It was a wet winter morning, the classic London weather. It rained, but not heavy enough to disrupt the flow of visitors heading towards Olympia 2 – the venue for 15th Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills Conference and Exhibition, the exhibition that I too attended.

With over 6000 visitors, 230 exhibitors, 60 inspirational speakers and 120 seminar sessions, Learning Technologies, Europe’s leading L&D conference, delivered true to its promise. Donald H Taylor, the Conference chair gave the introduction and set the stage rolling for the power-packed galvanizing sessions.

Presented here are some of the event highlights that I found especially interesting:

  • In the keynote, Brian Solis talked about how global innovation and disruptive technologies will influence the pace in the coming decade. How innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit (vibrantly visible in upcoming Startups) is spreading rapidly. And most pertinent, the pivotal role of a supporting and encouraging ecosystem in this environment.
  • The quick-fire ignite talks covered the next-gen eLearning technologies encompassing the nexus of forces –social, mobile, cloud and analytics. The exhibitors, a combination of eLearning ISVs, eLearning Service Providers, Consultants, Learning organizations, showcased their best-in-class products and services in these spheres. On a broad spectrum we could see multi-device multi-platform learning solutions, learning interactions, interactivity solutions, powerful analytical tools, engaging learning and talent management solutions, to name a few.
  • David Kelly talked about Google Glass – the experience, the reaction and the possibilities. He elucidated upon the opportunities that Glass can open for learning and performance. Learning organizations can leap ahead into advanced immersive trainings wherein the employees/students could explore adventurous jobs, zoom into locations around the world, anywhere through the glass, without stepping out of their premises. Google glass can drive performance support, real-time feedback and augmented reality benchmarks to the next scale. Curiously though, this wearable technology has the potential to move the needle in the time to come.
  • There were exciting discussions about integrating learning initiatives in an ESN (Enterprise Social Network) and the significant advantages that it can bring.
  • Above all, like the senior members of the eLearning pack, blended learning continued to show its weight, and of course with experience and added insights on the coming trends.

Overall, attending Learning Technologies was a great experience. It will be interesting to witness how the Mobile-Social-Analytics-Cloud is shifting paradigms and will play a role in the Learning and Development initiatives in the coming year.