Author: Akash Motwani

Posted On Oct 09, 2015   |   2 min

The recent spurt in consumerization, especially due to the introduction of smartphones and now wearables, has made technology an inseparable entity of human life. Thousands of applications are being developed and used on a regular basis all across the globe; say to improve the lifestyle, for healthcare, for time saving, for data security, etc; the list goes on endlessly.

But as they say, every new innovation accompanies with a lot of new challenges and in turn, churns new ideas/methodologies to sort them out.

Avinash Magdum, GM- Quality, Harbinger Systems, recently wrote a research paper highlighting the applications of cloud computing, IoT and wearables in software development and in day-to-day lifestyle. The paper accentuates the problems and challenges faced by the researchers in building applications with these technologies followed  with the inferences to solve them. A glance of the synopsis below acknowledges the efficacy it provides-


  • To understand the current and future areas of software development in the field of Internet of Things, Wearable and Cloud Computing
  • To understand the way cloud computing and wearable components are used in the IoT applications
  • To understand broad categories of IoT applications and the new research areas open for researchers and entrepreneurs


  • It highlights different types of problems and challenges encountered by researchers in building IoT applications
  • It provides many references to understand how different researchers are trying to solve the above challenges
  • It covers some case studies of some of the solutions proposed and implemented by researchers

To read the full paper, click here