Author: Avanti Ghatage

Posted On Jun 08, 2018   |   3 min

As per HubSpot’s statistics, 79% of people would rather watch a video to learn about a concept, than read text on a page and 62% of businesses have an explainer video. There are many such statistic available which show that video is most consumed media and is becoming stronger with next upgradation that is Interactive video. Till now, people have only really been able to play, pause, rewind and fast-forward a video. But technology has changed and since the last couple of years, Interactive video has changed that picture. This is the latest technology which combines video content with user input, allowing viewers to take a wide range of actions while watching video content.

What is an Interactive Video?

Interactive video is a type of video that supports user interactions in the form of clickable areas, questions, calculations, voting polls and many more that performs some action when user clicks on them. Any video can be made interactive by adding these interactions in many ways. This increases the user engagement which makes the video more impactful.

Type of Interactions:

Interactions come in many forms. One can use any form of interaction that suits their requirement. Below diagram depicts the types of interactivities that can be added in a video.


Choosing the Interactions for effective interactive video:

As per human psychology, people remember more about what they do instead of what they read or what they see. Interactive video presents several opportunities to introduce engaging, interactive visuals inside the video and make video more effective and powerful. Choosing the interaction and placing it in a right way in the video has huge impact on the learning experience. While creating interactions, one needs to go through below parameters-

◦    What: Find out the what message you want to convey to viewers and create annotations with best suited text, words and captions. This will help to get the attention of users.

◦    How: Choose right interactions as per the need of a learning program. As lots of interactions are available and each one has its own strengths, one needs to choose interactions perfectly. For example, use of ‘Quiz’ interaction for measuring knowledge, use of ‘Poll’ interaction to take view from users etc.

◦    Where: It is also important to manage the interaction time to keep users engaged. It is useful if interactions are placed at certain interval and according to video content.

◦    Analyze: Tracking the interaction is necessary as it helps to identify the learners’ decision and to find out the effectiveness of Interactive video design which further helps to improve the design strategy.

When Interactivity is used in a right way, it gives an outstanding result. With this amazing and exciting technology, Interactive Video becomes the most useful tool for everyone who wants to convey message to audience in an engaging way. Video has moved from hitting only Play button to displaying content depending on users’ input making it surely the emerging trend in videos.

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