Author: Chaitali Acharya

Posted On Mar 01, 2018   |   3 min

Complex terminologies, tricky insurance premium calculations, following compliance and regulations, looks like managing benefits comes with its own set of complications. Any technological transformation that automates these complex tasks successfully will always be welcomed by insurance agents/brokers and benefits’ customers. Chatbots is one such technological advancement that helps perform such tricky activities and make life easier for the end users. 80% of businesses today prefer having a chatbot for quick communications.

A chatbot has a specific process map that is triggered based on a certain event. Chatbots come with their own set of advantages, these are:

– Provide 24/7 availability
– Give updated information
– Help the user reach desired end results
– Provide ease of navigation
– Make complicated processes hassle free

Chatbots help to obtain information faster so they find their applications in many areas. There could be different areas where chatbots could help in managing benefits to list a few:

  • Assisting with insurance plan selection

Most of the people who opt for insurance don’t have a clear idea about the benefits packages. They might end up with benefits with greater premium amounts. Here a chatbot could communicate the amounts associated with the insurance plan. Quick access of such information would help people in selecting the most appropriate insurance plan. As bot answers most questions, brokers will have time for more complex tasks and their life would be easy.

  • Completion of paperwork

Chatbots could also help with the filing or uploading of important documents for benefits. A simple question and answer format will collect all the information and accordingly documents can be updated using chatbots. The chatbot could help state the required important documents at times and then upload them accordingly. As bot helps in uploading the correct required documents, HR will not have to spend much time with employees in to and fro communications and the complete process will be much faster.

  • Opting for life events

Activities such as opting for a life event (getting married) requires a lot of screen navigation, submission of important proof documents etc. Such tasks can be automated using a chatbot. Having such automated workflows for life events will definitely save the employees and HRs time. Also the process will be faster and more precise and it’s automated.

  • Informing about important dates

Notifications and reminders about enrollment dates, proof submissions are always received in emails. Here the chatbot could easily answer such queries and save employees the trouble of searching through notification emails.

The above use cases show how chatbots can help complete activities that would otherwise require more time and more communication.

The benefits industry is one of the places where innovations are hard to find. Hence, chatbots can be considered as a refreshing welcome. Chatbots are gaining more importance now than ever before. Tapping into their advantages with proper implementation will not only simplify the complex processes, but also provide leading edge to business. This is definitely a useful technological advancement that should not be missed out on.