Author: Sujeet Karle

Posted On Apr 02, 2018   |   5 min

Imagine you had a genie or a robot that would do all the mundane repetitive tasks you always wished to avoid; allowing you focus on the stuff you always wanted to do. Recruitment chatbots and AI platforms promise exactly to be that Super Power aka genie for a recruiter. They will not only take care of the most boring, tedious parts of the job, like sourcing, short listing candidates, contacting them and scheduling interviews, but also will make the whole process more exciting and fascinating.

The stress of demonstrating data based KPIs is increasing on recruiters. Organisations are not only measuring the turnaround time to fill a certain position, but also the quality of the hired candidate in terms of competency fitment as well as cultural and behavioural fitment. This genie is definitely going to bring some relief by enhancing the recruiters’ capabilities with automation of a few aspects of recruiting workflow.

I have tried to depict a recruitment process generally followed in any organisation, and will be covering the parts which the technology (our genie) will help us automate. Many organisations actually have started adopting it or have it on the cards.

Here we go on finding the exciting journey of recruitment process automation with Bots:

  1. Search Candidates and Resume Screening:

When a new job requisition is created, a Bot searches through the job sites and ATS (Application Tracking System) and performs the initial screening. Designed to integrate with an ATS, the Bot learns what the job requirements are and then learns what qualified candidates will look like based on previous hiring decisions.

It will not stop there. The bot will use employee data on performance and tenure, and train itself to figure out which candidates went on to become successful and unsuccessful employees.  Additionally, public data sources about previous employers and candidates’ social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook also come handy to enrich resume screening.

Recruitment automation applied to resume screening promises to be a boon to reduce time to hire because it automates a low-value, repetitive task that most recruiters hate to do anyway.

  1. Pre-screening and Pre-qualifying Candidates

Once resumes are shortlisted, chatbot helps Pre-screen the candidates. The chatbot will pre-screen candidates through customized pre-screening questions and route candidates to job specific recruiters, company career site, or applicant tracking system.

Chatbot will help identify the right set of candidates starting right from finding out if the candidate is really interested in job, to evaluating the relevancy of candidates’ competencies to the position’s requirements.

This is how recruitment chatbot to screen and pre-qualify candidates speeds up the time to hire and improves candidate experience.

  1. Scheduling Interviews:

The chatbot can intimate candidates with available time slots, and let them schedule their preferred time, based on availability. Not only this, after scheduling an interview, a message can be sent to the candidate with details about the location; along with driving instructions and tips on how to get there and what to wear for the interview.

  1. Assessments and Interviews

Assessments is another critical part wherein chatbots powered by AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help us with behavioural analysis and understanding the cultural fitment of candidate.

The chatbot analyses the words used by candidates, facial expressions of the candidates, the speed at which the candidate responds to the question etc. and tries to gather more information on personality traits. This is used to assess how the candidate will perform and react in certain conditions. Recruiters can configure interview questions in such a way that they can identify this.

Candidate should fit in the organization’s work culture and beliefs. The Bot will identify a candidate’s views (Political or Social), any controversies (after analyzing social profiles), overall attitude towards work, learning and also team work. After analyzing these parameters, candidates are given scores for cultural fit.

Recruitment automation applied to assessments promises to improve the quality of hire by providing additional data points on how well the candidate fits the job requirements or company culture.

  1. Background and Reference Checks

A chatbot allows the employer to gather quick and accurate information without having to call anyone and without having to waste any time. Chatbots can initiate the conversation with references and provide recommendations based on the gathered information.

  1. On-boarding

A chatbot can help improve the new joiner experience by providing answers to frequently asked questions quickly. It will act as the first go-to “person” for any kind of queries that new joiners may have.

This is why automation has become a key use case for chatbots. The recruitment chatbots promise to drive increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and better experience throughout the process. Bot aka Genie will enable recruiters to become more strategic by freeing up time to spend on proactive hiring and workplace planning. With these promises, Bots are moving towards becoming a new must have standard in the recruitment segment and will change recruitment forever.

The good news is that you don’t have to really find this genie’s magic lamp in some booby-trapped magic cave. Many chatbots are already available in the market and are focusing on different segments of recruitment. Moreover, we at Harbinger can also help you build a custom chatbot platform for your specific needs. Get in touch at  to know more.