Author: Smita Kanakula

Posted On Apr 09, 2019   |   4 min

What is the current market situation?

Majority of the current players in HR tech offer customizable products. It means, the product can be configured to meet requirements of organizations of any size and type. When a product is customizable, the focus is on configuration flexibility, and reusable components. While supporting this feature, most of the products lose focus on user-centricity, it impacts the efficiency with which end users use the application. Different types of users have varied expectations from the interface, but, as customization is in focus, they receive an interface which doesn’t show important information on screen which helps them complete their daily tasks. They have to search a lot for the information on the interface, that is a time consuming task. Overall, such a product reduces efficiency as time spent on the application increases. Products can also hamper an employee’s interest in completing routine work with a bad user-experience.

What solutions are there in the market?

Most of the HR tech solution providers are cognizant of the fact that they need to ensure good user-experience to stay ahead of their competition. They focus on changing the interfaces with latest designs, which improves visual appearance, but is not a complete solution. This hampers the end-users’ efficiency, as it does not bridge the gap between their expectations and what the products offer.

HR tech solution providers are facing challenges to revamp customizable features, so they are gradually enhancing visual interface using latest trends. This solution is not suitable in the long run, when end customers are facing challenges like talent retention, which is significant rather than doing routine work.

Harbinger’s solution

Having a good amount of experience in the HR tech domain, Harbinger can surely help product companies. Keeping the customizable feature as it is, it can make sure that the interface provides the best experience to the user and fulfills user expectations.

This can be done by combining two things:

– Role based research and user-centric design, reducing the time spent on the interface by different roles. Same time can be utilized for doing other tasks that are human-centric and not done by machines.

– Application can collect behavioral data and help users to work smartly

Why Harbinger?

Harbinger has three combinations, it has immense experience in HR tech domain and has partnered several with HR tech solution providers. Technical expertise in AI space, to connect it with relevant areas. UX-UI expertise that’s user-centric and way ahead of the market.