Author: Marketing Desk

Posted On Dec 31, 2015   |   2 min

Internet of things is still in its infancy days, considering the simplistic devices and applications being implemented currently. But that’s changing quickly as the data and device management capabilities improve.

Funding to startups in IoT space has been growing steadily and 2015 is set to cross the record breaking $1.9 billion funding received by IoT startups in 2014.

For organizations to really unlock the advantages of IoT, they need to efficiently and effectively capture, segment and analyze the data being generated at a very high speed by ‘n’ number of devices adhering to diverse standards and protocols.

Here, is where cloud offers a great advantage. Recently we have witnessed, emergence of cloud platform solutions, catering specifically for IoT, from Google, Amazon, KAA, Parse, Carriot and many more. These IoT clouds enable easy scaling of the huge number of devices and also provide an effective way to collect, store and manage the massive data being generated.

Harbinger systems hosted a live webinar “IoT Cloud Platforms and Middleware for Rapid Application Development” on January 13. Attendees gained insights on how to quickly ideate and develop IoT applications through cloud-based platforms and middleware.

Thank you for the overwhelming response to the webinar.

You can view the presentation and the webinar video here