Author: Rahul Niraj

Posted On Oct 06, 2023   |   5 min

Generative AI has emerged as a game-changing technology for the corporate world. The benefits of Generative AI in onboarding and learning are undeniable, revolutionizing how organizations onboard new employees while fostering a culture of continuous learning.

From new hires stepping foot into the business world to seasoned professionals looking to upskill, Generative AI has the potential to cater to all. This technology can help overcome onboarding challenges and create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.

Today’s blog post is all about exploring the benefits of Generative AI in corporate onboarding and learning. We will learn how this advanced technology enables organizations to simplify onboarding and achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and adaptability in nurturing their workforce. But first, let’s understand some significant corporate onboarding and learning challenges.

4 Critical Corporate Onboarding and Learning Challenges

Corporate onboarding and learning are essential for businesses to get new employees productive and happy. However, these processes come with their fair share of challenges that can hinder productivity and success. Let’s take a look at a few of them to give you a better idea.

1. Time-Intensive Onboarding

One of the most important challenges for businesses is to deal with a time-consuming corporate onboarding process that stretches over extended periods. This prolonged onboarding causes new hires to feel disconnected from the company culture and goals.

The challenge arises due to complex paperwork, multiple approvals, and a lack of streamlined onboarding workflows. This scenario leads to reduced engagement and productivity for new hires.

According To Glint, New Hires Who Have A Poor Onboarding Experience Are 8x More Likely To Be Disengaged. Another Study From Paychex States That 80% Of New Hires Plan To Quit Soon When They Feel Undertrained From Poor Onboarding.

2. Slow and Inefficient Learning

Another crucial challenge is the lack of effectiveness in corporate learning programs. If these programs are poorly structured, there’s a high possibility that employees may struggle to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in a timely manner.

An organization that does not prioritize learning and skill development is likely to have a slower learning curve and less agile responses to changes in the market. This can negatively impact employee development, individual performance, and the overall growth of the organization.

3. Dependency on Expensive Experts

Some companies solely rely on high-priced experts to meet their corporate onboarding and learning requirements. However, this strains the onboarding budget and limits scalability to expand desired learning initiatives.

The organization may find challenging to onboard a larger number of employees simultaneously or expand the training to different departments or locations. This can disrupt the learning process and hinder employees’ ability to apply newly acquired knowledge effectively.

4. Poor Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Inadequately trained employees may struggle to meet customer expectations, leading to lower CSAT scores. This challenge can negatively impact a company’s reputation, customer retention, and overall business growth.

The adverse effects may extend beyond customer dissatisfaction, causing an increase in customer complaints and negative reviews. This can restrict potential customers from engaging with the company, resulting in decreased market share and revenue loss.

5 Essential Benefits of Generative AI in Onboarding and Learning


Leveraging Generative AI capabilities can help overcome all the abovementioned corporate onboarding and learning challenges. These advanced capabilities bring an array of advantages to enhance business productivity and improve learning outcomes. Here’s a glimpse of the most important ones.

1. Streamlined Corporate Onboarding

Generative AI can introduce automation in onboarding. Successfully deploying Generative AI models can simplify corporate onboarding by autonomously providing relevant information and responses.

The models can analyze historical data and employee performance metrics to predict the optimal onboarding process for different roles and departments. This can reduce the time and effort required from HR professionals and trainers.

HR professionals can streamline onboarding content development by deploying natural language processing models and algorithms to automatically generate policy documents, standard operating procedures, FAQs on knowledge base, and video summaries. These Generative AI models can also enable learning content reinforcement with autogenerated nuggets, quizzes, and multiple choice questions.

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Businesses can create Generative AI-powered interactive modules to simulate real-world scenarios and provide on-the-job training. These modules can engage new employees in a virtual environment, allowing them to practice various tasks and decision-making processes without the risk of real-world consequences.

2. Automated Faster Query Resolution

Generative AI allows organizations to tackle a large volume of queries quickly and effectively. By automatically generating responses and resolving queries, organizations can ensure efficient problem-solving at scale.

For example, HR professionals can train a chatbot with custom knowledge base using ChatGPT API to improve response quality and automate query resolution. This can help employees quickly find relevant information and enable HR to deliver descriptive answers, suggest relevant documents, and resolve queries in real-time.

3. Efficient Processing of Different Data Formats

When sufficient amount of data is accumulated in a centralized knowledgebase, HR teams can use Generative AI to efficiently process multiple data formats. This covers structured data (such as organized databases, spreadsheets, contact details) and unstructured data (such as text, images, and audio).

The ability of Generative AI to process diverse data formats makes it a powerful tool to complete tasks ranging from content generation to data analysis and interpretation. This streamlines onboarding and learning processes by providing up-to-date and accurate information to new employees, helping them stay informed and productive.

4. Personalized Learning Experience

Generative AI can analyze individual learning patterns and competencies to create adaptive learning paths for each employee. HR teams can use such capabilities to identify knowledge gaps and offer targeted learning content for improving employee engagement and reducing attrition. This can also help optimize the learning process without requiring direct input from high-priced experts.

Generative AI can autogenerate reinforcement content to facilitate the retrieval of acquired knowledge and its practical application within the workplace. HR professionals can analyze MCQs, nuggets, employee queries, and other existing onboarding resources to suggest skills-based certification and recertification.

Generative AI can facilitate continuous learning and upskilling by recommending relevant courses and training opportunities based on employees’ career aspirations and the company’s needs. This approach fosters a learning culture without spending on hiring corporate training professionals.

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5. Auto-Generation of Updated Content

One of the essential benefits of Generative AI in onboarding and learning is automatically updating and maintaining a knowledge base. Generative AI models can quickly assimilate and incorporate new information into the existing knowledge base, facilitating a faster rollout of updated and improved learning materials.

Generative AI can quickly produce and update content relevant to the latest policies, procedures, and industry trends to help organizations stay ahead of the curve and maintain compliance with evolving standards.

How Harbinger Can Help

Harbinger has 30+ years of experience in offering quality HRTech products and services. We are committed to helping global clients explore the benefits of Generative AI in onboarding and learning. Our AI-powered platform Quillionz, can build a host of quality quizzes and assessments within seconds to help you improve your onboarding and learning experience like never before.

We recently conducted a Power Hour “Role of Generative AI in Onboarding and Learning.” In this virtual session, industry experts shared interesting insights on how we welcome, onboard, prepare, and empower new talent in today’s digital age.

Harbinger has been a trusted partner for leading organizations, providing unparalleled support to make the most out of Generative AI technologies and maximize business growth. Here’s a quick reference to a recent success story.

A multinational investment bank and financial services company wanted to simplify their onboarding and learning processes. They sought to overcome complex challenges like prolonged onboarding, inefficient learning, reliance on high-priced experts, and low customer satisfaction.

Harbinger helped them develop an OpenAI solution to meet their business goals by leveraging Generative AI capabilities to its best. We enabled them to resolve new employee queries by pre-processing information in the form of Embeddings and created a positive impact as follows:

  • Reduced spending on experts, service engineers, and hiring and training professionals
  • Decreased frequency of escalate-to-expert tickets
  • Faster average time to acknowledge, respond, and resolve queries
  • High-quality and in-depth response
  • High employee engagement and reduced attrition

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Parting Thoughts

With time, the benefits of Generative AI in onboarding and learning are set to grow and positively impact the corporate landscape. Embracing this technology not only streamlines the onboarding process but also establishes a foundation for a well-equipped workforce to navigate challenges, drive innovation, and contribute to the organization’s long-term success.

If you want to utilize the capabilities of Generative AI in onboarding and learning for your organization, write to us and Our HRTech experts would be more than happy to help you meet your business goals.