Author: Prashant Khambekar

Posted On Jun 17, 2015   |   1 min

Backend as a Service (BaaS) has contributed a lot to the mobile industry. It has also opened new avenues for business aspects as developers can rely on BaaS for quick and easy development of mobile apps. To integrate further, Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) is a part of BaaS, a sleek concept which saves huge development cost and time. It further gears the startup or an established organization to do more than just develop a mobile application.

In my recent blog on BaaS – The New Possibility in Mobile Cloud Technology published on CloudExpo Blog, I have discussed how BaaS can be a great tool for emerging startups and mobile application development organizations. Kinvey, a Backend cloud system, has much more to offer than simply being an aid to the application developer. Use of this system can enhance productivity at a higher level, further allowing the organization to grow tenfold.