Automating HR operations with advanced AI solutions to increase HR efficiency, people engagement, and organizational performance.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence in HR can automate various HR functions and maximize HR capabilities. With over 30+ years of experience in building HRTech products and solutions, Harbinger brings a deep understanding of industry nuances to help organizations unlock the true potential of AI for HR. The Harbinger iContent Framework powered by Generative AI technologies accelerates every stage of the employee lifecycle and drives organizational excellence.

According to Gartner, 84% of HR leaders believe Generative AI will make existing HR activities more productive.

According to Gartner, 84%of HR leaders believe Generative AI will make existing HR activities more productive.

AI for HR Offerings

Visual AI
Chatbot or
API Interface
AI For HR Offerings
Numeric AI
Language AI
(Generative AI/ChatGPT)

Simplify Complex HR Processes

Successfully Navigate the Employee Lifecycle Using AI


Tailored Job Description, Tailored Outreach Messages, Parsing Existing Job Description, Automated Resume Parsing and Candidate Ranking, Assessment Question Generation, Automated Candidate Screening, Candidate Body Language from Video, Resume Improvement Coaching


Personalized New Hire Query Resolution, Automated Document Intake and Verification, Self-Paced Learning of Policies and Culture, Personalized Learning of Domain Knowledge - Optimizes Time of Expert and New Hire, Autogenerated Reinforcement Nuggets, Personalized Messages to New Hire throughout the Onboarding Period, Personalized Onboarding Surveys


Accelerated Employee Query Resolution, 24x7 Employee Support, Employee Sentiment from Messages and Survey Comments, Employee Body Language from Video, Root Cause of Employee Dissatisfaction from Multiple Choice Survey, Prediction of Compensation Trends as per Role and Location, ClockIn/ClockOut via Employee Gestures, Prescribed Communication to Employee to Increase Employee Retention


Employee Skill-Role Mapping, Identification of Skills Gap, Recommendation of Learning to Close Skills Gap, Personalized Learning Based on the Concepts Known to the Employee, Personalized Learning Based on the Employee’s Questions - Optimizes Time of Expert and Employee, Prediction of Top Performers in New Roles, Performance Sentiment Analysis from Peer or Customer Feedback

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