Harness the Power of Generative AI-based Learning

Catering to learners’ unique needs and preferences has become the need of the hour. Organizations find it difficult to navigate the learning content landscape and meet their eLearning objectives. That’s where AI-powered learning can help. It ensures knowledge retention, higher engagement, and skill development. It provides access to learning resources anytime and anywhere, allowing individuals to learn and progress at their own pace.

Harbinger’s AI-based learning solutions have been instrumental in driving the success of global companies. Our solutions combine the capabilities of modern technologies like Generative AI, NLP, ML, language transformers, deep learning, and predictive analytics to deliver seamless and uninterrupted eLearning experiences. We transform traditional learning content into dynamic, adaptive, and efficient programs, ensuring organizations achieve their strategic eLearning objectives without compromising content quality.

Benefits of Generative AI-based
Learning Solutions

For Publishers

  • Better, Faster, and Accurate Content Discovery

  • New Content Generation Using Existing Content

  • Content Consumption Analysis and Personalized Content Creation

  • Multilingual and Multimodal Content Conversion

  • Semantic Search and Filtering Capabilities

  • Predictive Content Delivery Optimization

For Enterprises

  • Improved Compliance and Risk Management

  • Personalized Training Recommendations

  • Learning Analytics and Credentialing Support

  • Standardized SOP-based Training Material

  • Game and Simulation-based Learning Content

  • Automated Skills Gap Verification and Analysis

Take Your eLearning Content
Development to the Next Level

Discover Content

Keyword research and analysis, Content curation and aggregation, AI-powered recommendation engines, NLP-based content insights, Semantic search techniques, Topic clustering and categorization, Content discovery algorithms, Sentiment analysis, Chatbot-enabled content discovery

Translate Content

Improved translation accuracy, Consistent terminology and style evaluation, AI-powered translation tools, Multilingual content optimization and delivery, ML-based localization and translation, Translation memory tools, AI-based language analysis tools

Create Microlearning Content

AI-powered content creation tools, Private and OpenAI model integration, Large-sized content into bite-sized modules conversion, Multimedia design and deployment, Microlearning templates for consistent formatting, Scenario-based simulations

Design Content Experiences

AI-enabled automated content creation and storyboarding tools, NLP-based chatbots and virtual assistants, Intelligent tagging and metadata systems, Voice-controlled content interactions, Automated content testing and quality assurance tools, Predictive analytics and data visualization tools

AI-Based Learning Solutions to Future-Proof eLearning Content Development

Automated Translation and Transcription

End-to-end translation retaining formats and styles, AI-powered translation, transcription, and captioning of complex formats like videos including voiceover, Leveraging translation memory for optimal translations, Globalization and localization, Language-specific feedback and assessment, Integrated language learning modules, Pre-trained language models for faster translation and transcription, Integration of speech-to-text APIs, Synchronizing transcripts with multimedia content

Matching and Content Recommendation

Machine learning algorithms for accurate matching, Content-based filtering and contextual recommendation, Sequential pattern mining for personalized content sequencing, Graph-based recommendation models for knowledge-based matching, Genetic algorithms for optimizing content recommendation models, Neural networks for capturing complex content relationships

Automated Question Generation and Personalized Nudges

NLP-based question creation, AI models and language transformers for coherent question generation, Neural network architectures for reinforcement, Ontology-based data integration and rule-based algorithms for creating domain-specific questions, Tailored nudge-based learning, Personalized badges and achievements, Customized assessments and quizzes, Individualized skill development plans

Skim Generation and Summary Creation

AI-powered automatic summarization, Deep learning models for efficient summary creation, Text mining for content condensing, Ensemble methods for combining multiple summarization models, Context-aware AI systems for personalized skim generation, Integration of AI-based skim generation tools, Multimodal summarization techniques for incorporating multimedia

Voice Over Conversion

Real-time voice-to-text transcription, NLP-based voice recognition, AI-based voice synthesis for high-quality narration, Emotion recognition for voice-based content delivery, Automated voice correction for enhanced audio clarity, Adaptive voice modulation and cloning for consistent narration, Automatic speech recognition for voice transcription, Deep learning algorithms for human-like voice conversion

Extraction, Republishing, and Accessibility Checking

Reinforcement learning and ML algorithms for content extraction, Named entity recognition for information retrieval, Intelligent content categorization and organization, Automated content repurposing for different learning formats, Adaptive learning interfaces, Screen reader compatibility, Semantic structure and color contrast analysis, Closed captioning and transcription

AI-Based Parsing and Tagging

Topic modeling for organizing theme-based content, Intelligent content tagging and classification, Deep learning algorithms for advanced parsing, Convolutional neural networks for text feature extraction, Sequence labeling algorithms for precise entity recognition, Attention mechanisms for fine-grained content tagging, Ensemble models for improved parsing, Rule-based parsing techniques

Automated Searching and Ranking

NLP-based advanced search, Intelligent content identification and categorization, Adaptive and automated content ranking, Automatic content assessment and grading, Collaborative filtering algorithms for information discovery, Graph databases for content indexing and retrieval, AI-based contextual search and content clustering, Data mining for discovering hidden patterns in content


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